Twin XL M3 Modular Mattress

The M3 Hybrid Launchpad is the first and only modular design mattress on the market offering dual-sided personalization with interchangeable spring support. The eco-friendly system consists of holding chassis, independent recyclable suspension with 4 options of comfort, and 4” specialty memory foam topper for contouring support, pressure point relief, and motion transfer reduction, covered in cool touch material for dispersing the body heat. The 100% breathable chassis provide ambient air flow around your body throughout the night. Suspension is available in Firm (0.0) for back or stomach sleepers and larger body types, Medium Firm (1.0) for any sleep position or body type, Medium soft (2.0) for side or back sleepers and any body type, and Soft (3.0) for back or side sleepers and small to medium body types. Support components are easy to remove and replace, giving your mattress a brand new feel. Moisture-wicking and air flow fabrics will keep you cool and dry to insure you get a great night’s sleep.

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