Intellibed Matrix Supreme Mattress

1. PHASE-CHANGE MATERIAL COOLING TECHNOLOGY Phase-change material is woven into the top cover to absorb body heat and provide cooling comfort while you sleep. 2. TIFIBER ENERGEX Outstanding pressure relieving polymers combine with Titanium flakes to create a material that resists compression and increases thermal heat transfer from the sleeping surface. 3. 2 1/2" GEL MATRIX™ A revolutionary, durable high-tech elastic gel that flexes to provide localized pressure point relief, while also evenly distributing body weight for spinal support. 4. RETICULATED SUPPORT LAYER Highly porous open cell material that provides superior shock absorption while maintaining structural rigidity for long term durability. 5. CERTIPUR® COMFORT LAYER Designed for maximum comfort with an independent certification meeting national standards for furniture grade quality and safety. 6. POCKET COIL SYSTEM Adaptive coils that provide pressure point relief and provide localized support.

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