M.8 OHCO Walnut Massage Chair

View the benefits of massage. This amazing massage chair with DeltaWave engine is designed to deliver an intuitive and lifelike massage. In addition to basic movements—tapping, kneading, rolling—the DeltaWave 4D engine uses advanced massage algorithms to mimic the hands of a massage therapist. Wide range of massage speeds from fast to ultra slow add variation to movements and patterns. Equipped with thoughtfully placed air cells throughout, the chair’s air massage abilities grasp and hold for stretch movements while intensifying the effects of the mechanical massage features. Air massage elements stimulate circulation and release muscle tension. Find sweet, soothing relief for tired feet with two-way rollers, settle into a warm, total-body embrace as independently controlled heat zones relax muscles and stimulate circulation, experience gentle neck traction as the M-Series headrest lightly relieves pressure on your cervical spine with air-driven neck stretching. Choose Lay Flat Recline for a restful, inactive position or elevate your legs slightly higher than your heart in Zero Gravity to improve circulation, increase lung capacity and gently decompress the lumbar spine. With only a 6.25” (16cm) gap requirement between the upright backrest position and a wall, you can create a tranquil space just about anywhere. Enjoy each clean breath you take as the Air Ionizer clears the air of dust, dander, spores and other irritants. Heighten your experience by connecting your smart device to play relaxing sounds, music or your favorite guided meditation. Adjust and monitor your massage with ease using the handheld remote with multi-language support. The USB ports allow you to charge devices while you relax. Left and right Rear Swing Doors allow for simple ingress and egress. The first and only of their kind, our innovative doors make getting in and out of your chair a relaxing experience. Arm of Embrace design offers more than 479,000,000 massage patterns for you to choose. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the M-Series headrest diffuser to bring an aromatic dimension to your escape. Upholstered in sleek synthetic leather. This chair is also available in top-grain genuine leather with Toray Ultra Suede®.

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