Brancaster Collection Office Chair

Give your room a sensational vintage feel with this incredibly original, and eye-catching combination of aviation aluminum and genuine leather. The marbled, retro brown top grain leather is wrapped with a riveted, shiny aluminum panel for a stunning effect. The chair is very comfortable and super supportive, it hugs you from the sides. Add a stunning, aluminun wrapped desk, and your office will be instantly transformed into your favorite place in the house! Please see the rest of the Brancaster collection, we have a complete living room: armchair, loveseat, coffee table, and end tables! Your guests will be absolutely dazzled by your new, radiant space. We also have a bed with the nightstand in that same rugged aviation style. Dare to be bold, and have a great flight!

* Prices are subject to change and do not supersede in-store pricing. Please contact store for current pricing.