Designing with White

White’s gotten a bad wrap. It's often written off as boring or cold, but it’s actually the opposite. Warm whites like ivory and cream lend themselves to comfy, lived-in spaces, while bright whites bring about tranquility and the illusion of more space, making them refreshingly practical. And since all other colors have white in them, this parent hue is never far from sight. We’ll show you that, yes, you can go right with white!


Light Bright

With a light-on-white scheme, this master bedroom exemplifies the power of white. It feels open and airy yet restful at the same time—few other colors can pull this off with such finesse. Painting your entire room white will also make an otherwise minimalist space feel modern and exciting. But if your bedroom gets lots of light, you may want to experiment with several variations of white before committing to one. We suggest picking up a few paint samples with similar tints and then apply side-by-side "tester" spots on the wall to see how each option reacts in the light.


White Tie

When we think of formal affairs, "black tie" often comes to mind. But much like a traditional tuxedo, it's the element of white that makes this luxurious living room fresh and sophisticated.


Touch of White

Just a single white piece can be enough to allow the contrast between it and its surroundings to pop.