Bailey’s Bridal Registry

Bridal Registry

1.) The bridal and gift registry will allow friends and family to make monetary gifts of any amount in to an account for the bride and groom.
2.) All gifts will accumulate in one account until the couple are ready to purchase. Then, they will use the money like a "gift certificate."
3.) The bride and groom will receive announcement cards to insert in the wedding invitations to let guests know where they are registered. (Request Cards Below)
4.) Gifts to the registry will be accepted by cash, check, or credit card for any amount.
5.) A list of registry contributors is available to you upon request.
6.) For our out-of-town guests, credit cards will be accepted via phone.
7.) Gift accounts are NOT redeemable for cash.
8.) Both the bride and groom must show identification when using their gift registry account. Please contact Marla Walters at (907) 646-4909
when you are ready to make your selections. Marla will prepare your account information prior to your store visit.
9.) In the event that the wedding is postponed or cancelled, contributors will be refunded the full amount.
10.) There are no cash refunds. This is a gift account. You have 12 months to use the gift account. After 12 months, the account will be cleared and remaining balance forfeited to Bailey's Furniture, Inc.
11.) Bailey's Furniture contributes the first $50 to your account! This can be used in conjunction with other contributions.