Superstore Attractions

Bailey’s Superstore: A Must-See Destination!

When the Bailey’s began planning and designing Alaska’s largest furniture retail store, there was one thought in their mind: “Destination.” They wanted there to be a certain “awe-factor” to the building. A place so interesting, that Alaska couldn’t help but want to see it.

In 2005, that dream was realized when the doors were finally opened to the Bailey’s Furniture Anchorage Superstore. This 130,000 Square Foot building was home to Alaska’s Largest In-Stock Selection of home furniture. Featuring 65,000 feet of captivating showroom and 65,000 feet of state-of-the-art warehouse space, this building was a truly a destination.

Creativity and Fun Around Every Corner!

Largest Wing Back Chair in Alaska - As you enter the giant lobby with 30 foot ceilings, the first thing you’ll see is our famous Wing Back Chair. Towering a MASSIVE 12 Feet Tall, this chair is a marvel of the imagination. Heavy duty wood beams, sinuous spring seating, foam padding and to-scale fabric are features that give this chair the WOW-Factor! This chair receives our award for being the most-photographed item in our store!


The Ultimate Alaskan Mountain – The Bailey’s are avid outdoorsmen and wanted to incorporate that love in to their everyday work environment. As you begin your journey through our store, you’ll see many great pieces of furniture, but what catches more attention than anything is the Ultimate Alaskan Mountain! This mountain stands over 35 feet tall and features almost every Alaskan animal there is. From the coveted Billy Goat, to the graceful Dall Sheep; from Grizzly Bear to Grey Wolf; from the beautiful Lynx to the fearsome Wolverine; and everything in between! There are too many features to mention, so the question is, when can we expect to see you?

Bush Pilots of Alaska – Alaska is known around the world for our fearless and daring bush pilots. We celebrate the independence and ingenuity of Alaskans with our Alaska Bush Plane Exhibit. All six of our planes celebrate a different part of Alaska style: Hunting Adventures, Fishing Lodges, Transportation Services and Sight Seeing! You have to see them to appreciate how great they look!

Alaska’s Largest Cookie Jar Collection! – Yes, you heard right! Alaska’s LARGEST Cookie Jar Collection! As you wander through our showroom, you will see over 500 cookie jars! We have been collecting them for years and have one of the most prestigious collections that we know of!

Creative Store Signs - Bailey’s Furniture is proud to show some of Alaska’s MOST creative signs! From the Giant Dinner Plate with Silverware to the “Sit By Day, Sleep By Night” sign, you’ll be dazzled by the craftsmanship. We’ve even got a full functional theatre marquee that you walk through to get to our entertainment area! How cool is that?!

So, the next time you're in Anchorage, the place to see is Bailey's Furniture Superstore! We're located on the corner of C Street and International Airport Road! The coffee is always hot and the atmosphere fun!